Bettwäscheset Percal 800TC - ägyptische Baumwolle 800TC - DOUXE Prestige

336,00 €
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Collection DOUXE
Fabric Ägyptische Baumwolle
Weaving Percal
Thread count 800TC
Features Cool, Crispy, Mat


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Produziert in Portugal


Staying home has never been more important. Remember that we are in this together. Keep your head up and we will come back stronger.

In the meantime, turn your home into a sanctuary. The coming period we are here to serve. Sending tips and gifts your way... turn your home into your own little five-star hotel make our home stay as comfortable as possible help you sleep like a baby and boost your health


Create your five-star hotel - Step 2

Nothing brings you back to that luxury hotel feeling as crispy cotton sheets. That is why we love this DOUXE Egyptian cotton bed linen set. 

Why we love Egyptian cotton percal!

- Feels crispy & cool to the skin

- High Tread Count of 800TC for a durable subtle and soft fabric

- Heavenly white 

- 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton made in Portugal


Our Gift to you

With every DOUXE Percal Duvet Cover set 400TC & 800 TC you receive A FREE luxury and extra plush hotel towel*.

*This offer is valid until 30th of April 2020 & whilst stock lasts.


Take care & be safe


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