Hotel Boxspring Combination - Hilding Anders

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The hotel boxspring combination of Hilding Anders is especially designed for the hotel, project and marine market, exists of 2 components;

  • Luxury Box 20 - Boxspring
  • Luxury Pocket 21 - Pocketed Spring Mattrass
Comfort, hygiene and safety are core values for this special product range. The Hilding Hotel collection is represented by DOUXE and available through our Hotel Luxury at Home programme.
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Produziert in Belgien
Collection Hilding
Quality Hotel Qualität
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The hotel boxspring combination of Hilding Anders exists of two components. 

Luxury Box 20

Firm Edge, well ventilated boxspring bed with bi-conical innerspring interior is 20cm high and provides optimal support for each type of mattress. The upholstering is of flame retardant fabrics in varoius types. The boxspring has a solid wooden frame with side panels, 5 carpet friendly legs per boxsrping in black and has a total height of 37cm. The upholstery can be choosen in Skai or Fabric.

Luxury Pocket 21

Double-sided pocketed spring mattress is 21cm high. The combination of the spring coil with the comfort foam layer offers perfect support. The flame retardant damask cover is stitched on HR comfort foam. With ventilation openings and luxury handles. To be used on a box spring bed or any other type of bed base.

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