DOUXE Hotel Towel - 70x140 cm - Zero Twist

32,50 €

You will find these fluffy and absorbent DOUXE towels in the finest hotels around the world. Thanks to a luxurious 700 grams weight, they feel extra luxurious and exclusive. With a zero twist and classy border on both sides, the DOUXE towels bring the cozy indulgence of a luxury hotel stay into your home. 

The zero-twist 100% combed cotton towels are skillfully produced in Portugal of the best quality yarn.

Weitere Informationen
Collection DOUXE
Lieferinformationen Die meisten Abmessungen sind auf Lager und werden innerhalb von 5 Arbeitstagen verschickt.
Fabric 100% Baumwolle
Füllgewicht 680 GSM
Produziert in Portugal
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