Pocket Spring Mattress Prestige (27cm) multipocket, quilted

1.351,00 €

The core of this mattress is a High-Low multipocket spring. The structure of these springs consists of the alternate placement of high and low springs that provide extra comfort and stability in the spring core. High-quality cold foam was used as a cover layer for good ventilation and sublime comfort.

The cover is made from organic cotton and quilted with a composition of Alpaca wool and silk. The Prestige mattress is traditionally handmade in such a way that the comfort layers remain nicely divided.

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Produziert in Belgien
Collection DOUXE
Interior High-Low multipocket Springs
Quality Hotel Qualität
Höhe 27 cm
Temperaturregelung Excellent
Lieferinformationen Unser Lieferungsteam liefert Ihre Bestellung innerhalb von 4-6 Wochen nach Vereinbarung.
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