Taschenfederkern-Matratze - Luxury Pocket 21 - Hilding Anders

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Taschenfederkern-Matratze Luxury Pocket 21 ist eine Zweiseitge Federkern-Matratze und 21 cm hoch. Die Kombination aus Sprungfeder und Schaum-Komfortschicht bietet perfekte Unterstützung. Für den Gebrauch auf einem Boxspringbett oder jedem anderen Bettgestell.

Weitere Informationen
Produziert in Belgien
Marke Hilding
Innere 260 Taschenfedern pro m2
Qualität Tonnentaschenfedern einzeln verpackt
Höhe 21 cm
Temperaturregelung Ausgezeichnet
Lieferinformationen Unser Lieferungsteam liefert Ihre Bestellung innerhalb von 6-8 Wochen nach Vereinbarung.

Luxury Pocket 21

This double-sided pocket spring mattress consists of a combination of pocket springs and a luxurious comfort layer of HR comfort foam (High Resilience) and offers optimal ventilation and perfect support, suitable for any type of bed. The interior consists of 260 barrel-shaped, individually packaged 6-turn springs per m². Materials and construction are of high quality and this translates into a special sleeping comfort. The finish is made of woven jacquard ticking and equipped with handy handles and ventilation openings for even more ventilation. The lay down height is 21 cm.

Hilding Anders

A good night's sleep since 1939. The roots of the Hilding Anderssons Möbelfabrik AB brand in Bjärnum. From the beginning, the goal was to manufacture beds that would guarantee a good night's sleep. The Hilding Hotel & Marine collection combines traditional sleeping concepts with modern technology. The collection consists of mattresses and beds specially designed for hotels, projects and the maritime market. Comfort, hygiene and safety are the core values ​​for these collections.

DOUXE represents the Hilding Hotel collection. Through our Hotel Luxury at Home program you have the opportunity to purchase a comfortable Hilding bed for your home.

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