Pocketed Spring Mattress - Simmons Suite Beautyrest Black, H.32cm

1.785,00 €

Many international boutique hotels offer their guests unparalleled nights with the Simmons Suite Beautyrest Black Mattress. This luxury mattress can be found in the most luxurious hotel suites worldwide. The Sensoft Origine® pocket spring interior in combination with the Elivea® filling offers highly refined and exclusive sleeping comfort. The soft zipped pillow-topper is removable.


- Sensoft Origine® spring interior: 590 maxi pocketed springs per m2
- Elivea® filling
- Medium-Firm support in combination with a soft pillow top layer of ultrasoft foam
- NO FLIP® version
- Refined support for sensitive pressure points of the body
- Luxury padded ticking
- Sustainable hotel quality, exclusive appearance.

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