Suitening Latex & pocket spring mattress H.27 - Allure

756,00 €

The Suitenings® Allure mattresses come with a 7-zones latexco pocket spring core, covered with a comfort layer of latexco latex. The fabrics are extremely breathable and do not pill. A big plus of this mattress is that it is non-flip, which means it does not have to be turned. The mattress has four verticle handles for positioning. 

The Suitenings Allure mattress provides medium comfort.

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Produziert in Belgien
Collection Suitenings
Interior 450 Taschenfedern pro m2
Quality Tonnentaschenfedern einzeln verpackt
Höhe 27 cm
Temperaturregelung Very good
Lieferinformationen Unser Lieferungsteam liefert Ihre Bestellung innerhalb von 4-6 Wochen nach Vereinbarung.
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