Topper Fitted Sheet Maika 1000TC, Mirabel Slabbinck Xtreme

230,00 €

Topper Fitted Sheet Maika Mirabel Slabbinck Xtreme

The Maika from Mirabel-Slabbinck is a very special fabric from the Mirabel-Slabbinck Extreme collection and is custom made especially for you by hand. This extreme quality fabric has a 1010TC and can only be woven with yarns made from the finest fibers, to achieve such a high number of yarns per square inch, while still maintaining the extremely soft and supple touche. This fabric has a satin gloss and feels firmer than a 300TC or a 600TC.

The Maika is available in the colours White and Vanilla.


You should feel this exclusive fabric!

If you are interested in this extremely luxurious fabric, please request a sample. If you decide to purchase a duvet cover, in this fabric or (topper) fitted sheet, you will receive the cost of the sample as a discount. If you are looking for other sizes please also contact us.

Weitere Informationen
Collection Mirabel Slabbinck
Fabric Ägyptische Baumwolle
Thread count 1000TC
Lieferinformationen Sonderanfertigungen. Die Lieferzeit beträgt 4 Wochen
Produziert in Belgien
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